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Fees, Scholarships & Loans

When deciding to join a university, we know that one of the first things you think about is your budget, the cost of tuition fees and how to fund your time at the university.

The University of Worcester wants to help our students as much as we can by keeping our tuition fees as low as possible and by giving you additional support through our scholarship schemes.

For EU students, the fees are the same as for home students, and they are also eligible for a tuition fee loan from Student Finance UK. If you are an EU student and you want to find out more about it, please visit our EU Fees & Scholarships page.

We appreciate that as an international student choosing to come and study in the UK is a big decision, so we offer rewarding scholarship schemes for all of our international students that study with us. If you are an International student and you want to find out more about the scholarships available for you, please have a look through our International Fees & Scholarships page. Additional to the International scholarships, American students can also access different loan schemes. For more information about these loans and how to apply, please view our Loans page.


Scholarships Applicable to All EU/International Students

Academic Scholarships

The University awards scholarships of £1000 to eligible undergraduate students in their first and second year of a degree course or first year of a Foundation degree or HND on the basis of their academic achievement at the University. Students do not apply for these scholarships as they are awarded to eligible students with the best academic profiles across the University.

Dr. Sayed Khurram Nisar and Mebal Mayende Mukhaye

International students Sayed and Mebel talk about the Commonwealth Scholarship and their plans for the future

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Refund Policies for International (Non-EU) students

Please be aware that withdrawal from the University may have implications on your immigration status and the University of Worcester is legally obliged to inform the UKBA that you are no longer a registered student for which you have been granted leave to enter or remain in the United Kingdom.

The deposit paid by international students of 50% of the tuition fee is non-refundable, however in some circumstances we may consider a refund (after deducting administrative costs) if your application for Tier 4 visa is unsuccesful for reasons beyond your control, and you can provide evidence to support this. Requests for refunds, including supporting documentary evidence, should be made by email to within 3 months of the deposit payment date.

Refunds will not be paid if you have:

 - Made a visa application that is deemed to be fraudulent;

 - Provided incorrect documentation for your visa application ; and /or

 - Have insufficient funds to study in the UK, this includes: not having enough money in the bank account; the money not being in the account for the required length of time; and using an account that is not approved.

If you attend a pre-sessional course at the University and do not pass the requirements to continue,  the 50% required deposit for the Degree will be refunded less a £1000.00 administration charge. Any other reason for not continuing will result in the full deposit being held in line with the standard policy above.