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Keep up to date with what has been happening in partner institutions and at UW; read about some of the successes; come to an event at the Hereford University Centre


Hereford University Centre

Understanding Serious Mental Illness: reflections, research and recommendations

Professor Lisa Jones and Professor Eleanor Bradley

Tuesday 26th September, 4.00pm for 4.15 start


Dementia Research

Dr Simon Evans

Tuesday 17th October, 4.00pm for 4.15 start


Helping a Leopard to Change its Spots: How to rehabilitate offenders

Professor Erica Bowen

Tuesday 21st November, 4.15pm for 4.30 start


National Novel Writing Month

Julia Davis

From Wednesday 1st November, 4.00pm for 4.15 start


Charlotte Brontë's Magical Imagination

Ariella Feldman

Wednesday 6th December, 4.00pm for 4.15 start

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