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Inspiring partnerships

The University of Worcester is the sole provider of Higher Education in Worcestershire and Herefordshire and contributes to the region’s employment and economy. Strong partnerships exist between the University of Worcester and partner schools, colleges, universities and other educational organisations, clusters, collaborations, networks and  settings.

We support a network of national and international collaborative partnerships which enables us to develop innovative programmes and provide an extensive range of professional training and development.  We offer bespoke consultancy based on research-informed practice and utilising up-to-date technologies. Our outreach provision enhances access to Higher Education for under-represented groups and areas.

The Institute of Education holds networking events with our diverse partners where we jointly explore the changing educational landscape and potential new ways of working.  We have an Awards scheme to acknowledge the valued and essential work of our partnerships in promoting excellence in education. The awards celebrate the work of both individual organisations as well as networks.

We offer a wealth of experience in supporting school and organisational improvement, leadership and governance, school improvement and coaching and mentoring.  Building on our excellent reputation for quality of teaching, we are continually expanding and enhancing our provision, across the primary and secondary phases. We are also providers for national programmes such as Early Years Teacher, SENCO and STEM Ambassadors and Network.

Our work covers a continuum of training, development and professional support from trainee to senior practitioner, ranging from tailored professional development seminars and online support to accredited programmes leading to undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications including at Master’s and Doctoral levels.

Extending our role in regional and international partnerships        

Special Schools

We are working in partnership to enhance the trainee experience and expertise in inclusion, behaviour strategies and SEND (in full) provision for undergraduate and post graduate courses.

Teaching School Alliances

We are Strategic Partners with a number of Teaching School Alliances in the region working alongside these school Alliances in Herefordshire, Worcestershire, Dudley and the West Midlands.

This work involves engagement and support; initial teacher education and the expansion of School Direct and School led provision; leadership development, school improvement and school to school support; talent management and specialist leaders of education and in research and development.

Working across age phases

We provide extended placement and expertise across the age phases to ensure trainees can support children and young people in their educational transition.

School Centred Initial Teacher Training (SCITT) provision

We have new and established partnerships working with national SCITT providers on the expansion of teacher education and training.


A large number of schools that we work with are academies and take advantage of our extended master’s programme for whole school development.

Governance and Leadership Skills

Institute of Education staff works collaboratively with schools and Children’s Centres as governor representatives. This reciprocal partnership allows for collaboration in decision making processes for school improvement and university programme development.

School Co-operative Trusts

We are working with schools that wish to become school cop-operative trusts offering support, guidance and professional development.

School Improvement and Leadership Learning

Leadership learning in relation to effective school improvement is a key strand of our national and international outreach. Bespoke sessions are shaped in context with organisations, to face the ever changing educational landscape with a particular focus on raising performance. High quality facilitation, works with leaders at all levels, connecting with leading practice and research to build capacity within an organisation and across its wider collaborations. International learning networks now link with an ever expanding base of UK leadership networks; the union of these elements is now creating a dynamic and forward looking learning community, making significant impact for the benefit of their communities. International leadership communities visit the Institute of Education for residential programmes in 'Leading and Managing Change' forging links with UK leaders who co- deliver such innovative programmes and also act as coaches.

An international area of research with seven countries and led by Dean Fink (Canada) is being undertaken with a particular focus on trust; how can learning networks build on high quality trust when the wider system has relatively low trust of its school leaders?. The work is being supported by an on- line learning community at the Institute of Education.